Body mist is also called as body spray or body splash and it is like perfume but it might not contain high percentage of the fragrant oils. It is milder version of the perfume and it could be sprayed on skin rather than on your clothes. On the other hand perfume is fragrant liquids which are made out of the mixture of aromatic oils, scents and alcohol components. This kind of the oil and scent is extracted from the herbs, flowers and spices which has high concentration in perfumes.

Understand difference between body mist and perfume

Perfume is highly concentrated version of the fragrance oils and perfume is perfect combination of the water, fragrance and alcohol which is made from the extraction of herbs and flowers. The main difference between body mist vs perfume is that formulation. All fragrances could be blend of the aromatics and solvent. When it comes to the main difference between body mist and perfume then it includes

  • Body mist might not last as long as perfume
  • Body mist has lighter scent
  • Water addition
  • Body mist is less concentrated
  • Less oil in body mist

Most notable difference between perfume and body mist is that body mist is having lighter scent rather than the perfume. Water addition is one of the main reasons that perfume is strong enough rather than mist. According to the studies says that body mists are water based but with the alcohol. Price is major difference and for that reasons only many women are interested to buy body mists rather than perfume.

Things to know about body mist and perfume

In case you are looking to know about perfume vs body mist then you can search it in online that could be really beneficial to you. If you are using perfume then you might get huge numbers of the advantages such as enhance mood, makes you attractive and boost confidence. Good perfume might boost your confidence which ensure that you might get through day without feeling conscious of body odor. You are always advisable to choose scent which is suitable to your personality. You might get excellent amount of the alcohol scent while you spray on body.


In a modern world most of the people are having question about is perfume and body mist same but it is actually wrong. In fact body mist is having fewer amounts of alcohol scent rather than perfume.